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Invest in your knowledge on corporate governance, ethical leadership and business in the African context. Buy a copy of any of Dr Reuel J Khoza’s prized books!

THE POWER OF GOVERNANCE (R310.00 incl. delivery)
This book draws on the growing body of knowledge about corporate governance in state-owned enterprises around the world. The key to performance excellence lies in good governance. But how does a public company implement good governance practices when the government is the major or only shareholder?

ATTUNED LEADERSHIP (R350.00 incl. delivery)
In this richly reflective discussion of leadership and transformation the author provides a guide to what constitutes ethical leadership in local and global contexts, for business, politics and government. In a world where tyrants abound in corporations and states, Attuned Leadership provides a compass for direction of ethical leadership.

LET AFRICA LEAD (R310.00 incl. delivery)
This ground-breaking work on leadership seeks to carry the spirit of African humanism, or Ubuntu, into the business world. Africa has much to teach about human values, and about the connections between corporate vision and community spirit. Conventional western approaches to leadership are centred on the individual, while African leadership prises the person with the group.

THE AFRICAN IN MY DREAM (R310.00 incl. delivery)
An anthology of essays whose themes are well known among the intelligentsia such as the African renaissance, African humanism, African cultural archetypes, Black entrepreneurship, Black Consciousness, and so on.

Lauded as a luminary in his country by Nelson Mandela, Dr Reuel J Khoza is a distinguished thought leader, businessman, Africanist, public speaker and change agent.


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