Let Africa Lead

Let Africa Lead

African Transformational Leadership For 21st Century Business

Foreword by President Nelson Mandela

First published by Vezubuntu Publishing (Pty) Ltd in 2005
ISBN: -0620-35502-6 (hard cover)
ISBN: 0-620-35503-4 (paperback)

This groundbreaking work on leadership seeks to carry the spirit of African humanism, or Ubuntu, into the business world. Africa has much to teach about human values, and about the connections between corporate vision and community spirit.

Let Africa Lead Book Cover

Conventional Western approaches to leadership are centred on the individual, while African leadership prizes the person within the group. Traditionally, leaders and the led are tied by their common humanity. This requires leaders to be compassionate, accountable, and introspective – qualities that underpin shared vision in the enterprise.

Reuel Khoza spells out the lessons of his corporate experience during three decades of turmoil and change in South Africa. From running a management consultancy during the apartheid era to chairing Eskom, Africa's largest energy utility, in the first decade of democracy, Khoza has explored and led business transformation and black economic empowerment. He shows how Ubuntu assists the modern multicultural organisation to harmonise relationships, extend its market appeal, and innovate technologically.

Let Africa Lead aims to stimulate the growing discussion around the role of business leadership in the rejuvenation of Africa. It also prompts organisational heads everywhere to consider leadership based on empathy for fellow human beings; leadership that is as passionate as it is compassionate.

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