The Power of Governance

Co-authored with Mohamed Adam

First published by Eskom Ltd in 2005
Second edition published by Pan Macmillan and Business in Africa in 2007
ISBN: 978-0-230-00207-4 (hardback)
ISBN: 0-230-00207-2 (hardback)

Eskom is a South African company that had developed from a state utility during the apartheid era into an efficient globally competitive state-owned enterprise.

Under Khoza’s chairmanship In 2001, Eskom received the Power Company of the Year title at the Financial Times Global Energy Awards Ceremony in New York. In the same year, rating agency Moody’s rated Eskom above the sovereign, and the utility subsequently declared a R1.5 billion dividend to the State.

This book draws on the growing body of knowledge about corporate governance in state-owned enterprises. It locates Eskom's experience in that context and argues that a state-owned enterprise can be run as efficiently as any other. The key to performance excellence lies in good governance and the authors reveal how a public company can implement good governance practices when the government is the major shareholder.

Both authors were with Eskom through a period of intense restructuring and transformation. They were instrumental in putting in place the performance agreement with the government as shareholder and played a significant role in the conversion of Eskom into a company. Their unique experience makes this book an essential read for leaders and managers in public and private companies, and in government.

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