The African in my Dream

The African in my Dream

A Corporate Participant - Observer’s Odyssey: 1983 - 2013

Foreword by Professor Es’kia Mphahlele

First published by African Morning Star Publishers in 2004
ISBN: 0-620-33245-X

This anthology of essays is selected from over three hundred speeches given to a wide spectrum of audiences over a thirty-year period.

The African in my Draem Book Cover

The audiences were mainly comprised of business people, corporate leaders and university students as graduands and their parents and attendant academic and administrative faculties.

The business essays deal mainly with transformational challenges confronting corporate managers and corporate leaders during the period in question: 1983 - 2013. The first essay, “Tokenism In Corporate South Africa” addresses the corporate camouflage and game playing so characteristic of corporate South Africa of the 1980's. “The African in My Dream”, based on my address to the Black Management Forum's Twentieth Anniversary Celebration on July 26, 1996, commends itself to giving this collection of essays its title because it raises important issues pertaining to our sense of destiny, vision and leadership challenges.

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